Web Developer

    An opportunity to enhance your web development skills in many areas such as frontend and backend development with frameworks such as React.js and middlewares such as Express.

Full-Stack Web Development Intern

    A six-week internship in which you will collaborate with other developers in a live production environment to build Revoteen's web application using React.js, Express, Node.js, and other development tools.

App Developer

    An opportunity to enhance your mobile app development skills through the Flutter framework, gain experience working with MVC methodologies, and understand how a client and server interact to produce a production-level application.

Mobile App Development Intern

    A six-week internship where you will collaborate with experienced mobile application developers and learn how Flutter works, including Widgets, client side rendering, as well as build a stronger foundation of Object Oriented Programming.

Product Manager

    An opportunity to manage mobile app and web app developers in a production-level environment, in which your objective is to keep the developers on a strict timeline and enforce goals that make the Revoteen app a successful product.

UI/UX Designer

    An opportunity to work with mobile app and web app developers in a production-level environment, in which your objective is to create appealing designs that attract users as well as developer a strong user experience.

Marketing Director

    An opportunity to craft and execute a short-term and long-term marketing plan revolving around the analysis and tracking of growth metrics and UTM parameters, as well as utilization of channels such as social media marketing.

Marketing Specialist

    An opportunity to utilize various marketing strategies and techniques to analyze campaigns and develop a successful marketing plan.

Marketing Intern

    A six-week internship providing hands-on experience in a multitude of marketing aspects, including paid advertising, UTM parameters, and social media marketing.

Financial Coordinator

    An opportunity to utilize accounting systems to develop a budget to handle large sums of money and collaborate to raise funds for Revoteen.

Public Relations Director

    An opportunity to demonstrate your communication and leadership skills by properly developing and executing a media outreach and partnership development process to help Revoteen grow exponentially.

Public Relations Specialist

    An opportunity to hone your communication skills through partnership development and strategies to improve Revoteen's brand image, including reaching out to local newspapers, podcasts, and other forms of media to establish good relations and build the Revoteen brand.

Public Relations Intern

    A six-week internship providing experience and familiarity with media communications and partnership formation, as well as lasting connections with international organizations.

Graphic Designer

    An opportunity to create artistic, visually appealing designs for Revoteen to promote on a variety of platforms, while also working with the Marketing and Public Relations departments to design graphics that properly display Revoteen's vision and mission.